"We Rise 
By Lifting Others..."
- Jason Theme - 
 Our Mission 
As a solo attorney, I found myself HATING my practice.

Frustrated that I could not provide the legal results for my clients without charging them more than they could pay...

Frustrated that I could not really provide the level of service that I wanted for my clients...

Frustrated that my practice was not performing at the level I knew it could...

Plus, no matter how hard I tried to move up the next level with my firm, I could not seem to break $250,000 a year.  
Time after time I also watched others who did not have enough money to hire an attorney get horrible results.

There were also those who hired attorneys that either were not that great, lacked the time to truly devote to their case, or just did not help them through the practical parts of their legal issue. 

For the last few years, I have been learning new strategies and completely overhauling my practice from top to bottom.  

With what I discovered, I created Attorneys Living the Dream For Real, LLC, my umbrella brand for my online courses and attorney coaching programs... Legal Lifeguards and Lawyer Lifeguards.

Legal Lifeguards
Legal Lifeguards provides online educational and coaching programs.  

This was born out of my desire to help people who either can't afford an attorney or need a bit more than their attorney provides.  

We offer DIY programs for Divorce and Estate Planning.  

We have audit programs to make sure that you took care of loose ends after your divorce and estate planning.

We have programs for College Students to start life on the right foot. 

High Conflict Co-Parent Coaching to help people find a way out of the nightmare and towards a better
 Co-Parenting relationship... or at least a way to find peace in the storm... for both them and their children.  
Helping Lawyers Create Their Dream 
Law Practice
Lawyer Lifeguards is all about helping attorneys find their dream law firm... 
just like I did with the help of Draye and Russell Brunson.

We work hard on creating referral networks...

Using funnels to create a better experience for our potential clients (and our hired clients too)....boosting our ROI and being in control over our advertising without spending tons of time...

Turning our law firms into dream practices by leveraging our time and automating practically everything.

Giving Affiliate opportunities to law firms to make some additional revenue from our Legal Lifeguard courses.

Offering courses and monthly coaching to help shorten the time to amazing results for their law firm.
Giving Back
Part of the strategy of building your law firm is connecting with other firms and developing referral networks.  Most of us also belong to various Civic Organizations as well.  What we miss out on is really using our law firm as a platform to support charities.  My own law firm is doing just that by creating a monthly highlight for needs in the community and partnering with other law firms to support various local charities and organizations that provide pro-bono or low cost legal services to our communities.

For me, my favorite charity is Feed Northland Kids.  This organization is set up in our local schools to provide meals kids can take home for dinner and on the weekends.  

I also want to help support our Clay County Juvenile Office by helping coordinate donations for foster kids.  

It is also my dream to offer my DIY Divorce Secrets and DIY Estate Planning Secrets to local domestic violence and homeless shelter and other organizations that have residential services to help people get back on their feet.  

On the Horizon
Right now I am focusing on creating online members courses ... 
Law In Kansas City University.  
  • Step by Step Coaching:  Videos, lesson plans, and additional resources for each stage of the case. 
  • 24/7 Access:  Answers Frequently Asked Questions so you are not waiting on the law firm to respond.  
  • Lower Attorney Fees: Why pay hourly for basic information?  Your time with the attorney should be focused on custom legal advice!
  • Better Results:  How do you get better results in your case?  Three ways... 1- Don't make mistakes 2- Education to improve your decisions  3-  Great relationship with your law firm.  Law In Kansas City University provides everything you need to improve the chance for the results you want.  
Big Dreams
Entrepreneurs all have one thing in common... we want to be the hero of our own story. 
 I have BIG dreams to really have an impact!

For me, that means that I save a whole generation of kids from a toxic relationship between their Parents.

I get to save people from the hell of a toxic Co-Parent Relationship

I impact the judicial system and shine a light on High Conflict Parenting and Parental Alienation in a way that makes real change

Plus I have...

The law practice I want...
Working the hours I want to work...
Making the money I want to make...
And having the freedom I want. 
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