"We Rise 
By Lifting Others..."
- Jason Theme - 
Legal Lifeguards
Legal Lifeguards provides online educational and coaching programs.  

This was born out of my desire to help people who either can't afford an attorney or need a bit more than their attorney provides.  

We offer DIY programs for Divorce and Estate Planning.  

We have audit programs to make sure that you took care of loose ends after your divorce and estate planning.

We have programs for College Students to start life on the right foot. 

High Conflict Co-Parent Coaching to help people find a way out of the nightmare and towards a better
 Co-Parenting relationship... or at least a way to find peace in the storm... for both them and their children.  

What if you could get the best result for your legal matter... but you didn't even know it was possible?

As an attorney, when I hear stories from people about how they did not get a good result...

It is normally because they did not understand the concepts (maybe their attorney did not even explain how things worked) or they made mistakes early on in the case because they did not know what to do (or not do). 
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