"We Rise 
By Lifting Others..."
- Jason Theme - 
Helping Lawyers Create Their Dream 
Law Practice
Lawyer Lifeguards is all about helping attorneys find their dream law firm... 
just like I did with the help of Draye and Russell Brunson.

We work hard on creating referral networks...

Using funnels to create a better experience for our potential clients (and our hired clients too)....boosting our ROI and being in control over our advertising without spending tons of time...

Turning our law firms into dream practices by leveraging our time and automating practically everything.

Giving Affiliate opportunities to law firms to make some additional revenue from our Legal Lifeguard courses.

Offering courses and monthly coaching to help shorten the time to amazing results for their law firm.
Don't You Want a Dream 100 Team of Attorneys Sharing Leads and Potential Clients To Your Business?
  • Sharing Pubic Licensing Rights Materials:  Have 80% of all the work done on your lead magnets and other publications by sharing PLR materials and then making them your own.
  • Link Building:  Be listed on our Wall of Referral Partners and a link to your website for FREE.
  • Affiliate Commission Possibilities: As part of our network, you will receive exclusive rights to our online courses to clone and make your own. Purchase required. Why not make additional income off of bad leads?
  • Don't Be Held Hostage to Your Tech People Anymore:  Learn how to create your own website, blog posts, Facebook Business Manager Account, and in all ways be self sufficient... even if you do hire out for this you will at least know how it all works and what is a fair cost for services.  
  • Built In Support Network:  As part of our Dream 100 Attorney Network you will have built in support for any launches, Social Media, website, etc.  All of our referral partners will receive a checklist of your Social Media platforms to help boost your platform.  
  • Exclusive Facebook Group:  Share ideas, what is working (or not working) in your marketing, upcoming events you are hosting, and in all ways help build up our network to be the premiere law firms in our locations.  
  • Opportunities For Participation in Summits and Podcasts:  Our members will share opportunities to participate in their Podcasts, mentions in Social Media, Summits, and all other online events.  
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